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Your Stay Makes A Difference

KOMPAS Hotel is a 100 % non-profit hotel. Every cent of our profit goes to charity work. Every time you choose KOMPAS Hotel, you are supporting charitable causes, especially for seamen and others within the maritime sector.

Social Work Among Seamen

Life at sea can be tough; conditions onboard can be demanding and loved ones are far away. Living in small quarters, away from home for up to nine months at a time can take its toll. Fortunately, Seaman Aalborg is always ready to take good care of the thousands of seamen that come to town every year.

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The Danish Seamen’s Homes

Today, KOMPAS Hotel is a modern hotel, but originally, we were founded as a seamen’s home in 1905 – a heritage which we are proud of and still build our business on. We have two sister hotels in Denmark and three in Greenland.

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