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Explore Aalborg

Go exploring around Aalborg to discover interesting places, new experiences and exciting stories – revel in the special charm of Northern Denmark right here in its bustling city heart. The capital of Northern Denmark is a gem that always surprises and makes for a great destination for a weekend getaway or a family vacation. Two of the city’s main cultural attractions, Musikkens Hus and Nordkraft, are located right next door to KOMPAS Hotel.

All About Aalborg On Your Phone

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The Waterfront

Enjoy the fresh air and Limfjord views as you discover world-class architecture, busy parks, gourmet restaurants in former warehouses and much more along Aalborg’s newly revitalised waterfront.

Aalborg’s history as a former industrial town is echoed in and emphasised by the rawness of the modern waterfront precinct – a place well worth a visit. KOMPAS Hotel is just a minute’s stroll from the eastern end of the waterfront precinct.

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Musikkens Hus

You only have to glance at our nearest neighbour, Musikkens Hus (House of Music), to know that you are looking at one of Aalborg’s true cultural institutions. This unique and imposing structure is worth a visit in its own right, and if you have time, we highly recommend that you experience a concert or a show in the incredible concert hall, widely praised for its world-class acoustics.

The program spans all genres. Go to: www.musikkenshus.dk to book your tickets.


It is only a short stroll from the hotel to one of Aalborg’s two, long shopping streets. Here, a wide variety of specialty shops, well-known chain stores and several large department stores await keen shoppers and reluctant browsers alike. If you are in Aalborg for a mini break, make sure to allow plenty of time for a bit of shopping. There are many interesting shops to peruse and plenty of gastronomical options to recharge your energy along the way.

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Art & Architecture

Art and architecture play a major role in Aalborg. Among others, the Utzon Center, Musikkens Hus and Kunsten Art Museum are all significant architectural landmarks in the cityscape. But Aalborg is also home to many other art and design venues, each ready to delight the senses with their surprising creativity and artistry. You may like to visit Kunsthal Nord or take a discovery tour through the centre of Aalborg with Street Art.

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Skråen is one of Aalborg’s oldest and best concert venues. On their stage, many Danish and international artists have entertained us through the last 40 years. Skråen is located in Nordkraft, our nearest neighbour, and we highly recommend that you check out their event program before you come to Aalborg – Skråen always has something great up their sleeve!

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Teater Nordkraft

Be surprised and impressed by thought-provoking and trendsetting theatre at Teater Nordkraft – famous for their new and challenging stage art with both Danish and international artists. The theatre is next door to KOMPAS Hotel.

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Aalborg Zoo is probably Denmark’s best and most interactive zoo! Here, you will find 11 out of the 12 most popular zoo animals together with hundreds of other species. There are plenty of things to see, also “behind the scenes”, and a gigantic playground in the middle of the park.

Aalborg Zoo is open every day all year round and is located only 10 minutes by car from KOMPAS Hotel.

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Vikings at Lindholm Høje

Travel 1,500 years back in time at one of Denmark’s largest and most beautiful Viking burial sites. See how the Vikings lived at Lindholm Høje and explore ancient life around the Limfjord. At Lindholm Høje, you will find the outstanding burial site, a museum with two large exhibitions, a Viking shop and café – all just 10 minutes from the hotel by car.

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Bicycle Ride

Experience Aalborg at a slower pace and with the wind in your hair on a bicycle ride along the waterfront, around town, from one attraction to the next or maybe even a little trip across the bridge to Nørresundby. KOMPAS Hotel has five city bikes available for hire on an hourly or daily basis. Enquire at reception for rates and further information.


Learn more about the city’s attractions, gastronomical adventures, history and city life at VisitAalborg’s website, and be inspired to visit the capital of Northern Denmark again and again.

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If you feel like venturing out of the city, all of Northern Denmark’s adventures and events are right on our doorstep. From beautiful Skagen in the North to the unspoiled Cold Hawaii in the West – Northern Denmark has lots of unique attractions that are all within driving range of Aalborg.

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